Eating Disorders Are Not Only Teenage Problems


Eating disorder refers to the changes in eating routine. Some cases may have eating disorder due to over eating of food and some may be just eating very little amount of food. This disorder may occur at any age or any period of life, but mostly it can be seen in the teenagers as they are more conscious about their weight. And if they are suffering from the overweight problem, they just stop eating to lose the excess weight from their body to stay fit. It is being analyzed by the doctor’s that most of the females suffers from eating disorder as compared to males as they are more conscious about their figure & weight.

Types of Eating Disorders:
a.    Anorexia nervosa
       Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the two most common disorders. A person suffering from anorexia nervosa restricts the amount of food he/she consume. This leads to the drastic loss of weight and put their health at risk. Sometimes this extreme loss results in a skeletal appearance and the sufferer have to take to an emergency care clinic.
b.    Bulimia nervosa
       People suffering from bulimia nervosa go through phases of binge eating and then purging the food by either making themselves vomit or using laxatives. Bulimics are often overweight. Individuals feel loss of control during these binge episodes. The binge eating can lead to serious health consequences such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
c.    Compulsive Overeating
       Compulsive Overeating is characterized as an “addiction” to food, using food and eating as a way to hide from their emotions, to fill a void they feel inside, and to cope with daily stresses and problems in their lives.
d.    Binge Eating Disorder
       Men and Women with Binge Eating Disorder suffer a combination of symptoms similar to those of Compulsive Overeaters and Bulimia. The sufferer consuming an unusually large quantity of food in a short span of time (less than 2 hrs) uncontrollably, eating until they are uncomfortably full. The weight of each individual is usually characterized as above average or overweight, and they tend to have a more difficult time losing and maintaining average healthy weight. Unlike with Bulimia, they do not purge following a Binge episode.

These disorders are more common in women, but men can also be affected. Hereditary is also one of the main causes for this which can be run by generation to generation. Another reason may be the society’s pressure to look good, thin and perfect. Most people who suffer from these disorders have low self-esteem and are perfectionists who require the consultation of the board certified physicians.

Warning Signs Include:

  • Losing drastic amount of weight
  • Making excuses to avoid eating with others
  • Secretly hoarding unhealthy foods
  • Wearing baggy clothing
  • Being overly concerned that others eat too much

If you believe a loved one is suffering from an eating disorder, being caring and supportive is very important. You should try to help them identify that they have a severe medical condition and that they may be in need of a proper medical attention. People suffering from these disorders are normally mysterious. They will most likely be excessively sensitive or defensive when confronted. Reassuring them that you are on their side could be their salvation. They should be taken to the urgent care clinic so that they can be given the prior doctor’s advice before the problem turns to be too serious or incurable.

AOK Emergency Room, an urgent care center in Houston provides counseling to the patients suffering from eating disorder. They also can live a healthy life without any serious effects on their body & life. Here, the patient can get a proper diet chart along with various exercises to follow so as to maintain a good physique without any extra efforts and high doses of harmful medicines.


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