Allergy – Ways to Fight and Prevent Yourself from Allergies

What Is an Allergy?
An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person’s immune system reacts to normal harmless substances in the environment. A substance that causes a reaction is called an “Allergen”. These reactions are acquired, predictable and rapid.

Some Important Facts Related to Allergy
Twenty (20%) percent of Americans suffer from a “Ragweed Allergy”, allergy in the immune system of the body which may require intense emergency care. If you are one of them, you probably think more about itchy eyes, stuffy nose and sneezing during the fall rather than having fun and autumn leaves. People with a mold allergy also suffer during the fall. Mold accumulates on fallen leaves and will not leave with winter’s frost like pollen. If you suffer from a mold allergy, it is likely that you will also be allergic to indoor, year-round allergens such as animal dander and dust.

How to Prevent Yourself from Allergens!!!
1.    Keep away from ragweed.
As nights become longer in the fall, ragweed begins to release pollen. Pollen counts are highest just after dawn. Avoid from being outside as often as possible when pollen counts are high – typically on dry, warm days and early morning.

2.    Do not allow ragweed to come inside.
Keep your home clean & free of ragweed by running your air conditioning as often as possible and closing your windows. Also keep car windows closed while you are driving. An air conditioner with a high efficiency particulate air filter attachment works best in the fight against pollen.

3.    Do not allow outside mold to grow near your house.
Medical care for mold sickness is difficult. Therefore, it is best to avoid exposure to it as much as possible. Outside mold grows on rotting logs, compost heaps, and leaf piles. Get rid of any dead vegetation around the outside of your house. Be sure that rain gutters are clear and allow waste to travel away from the foundation of the house. Wear a mask while doing any yard work during the fall. Remove your clothing before entering the house, and wash them immediately.

4.    Keep bedrooms allergy-free.
First, keep all pets out of the bedrooms since they produce animal dander and may bring ragweed and mold in from the outdoors. Cover mattresses and pillows with covers that are allergy resistant. Wash bedding weekly in hot water in order to kill dust mites. Using bleach will kill mold. Dry everything with high heat.

5.    Be Hygienic
Be hygienic in every term whether it is to use napkins to wipe your face or hands or vessels to eat food as most of the allergic bacteria may be available on it. Always try to keep your napkins cloth and vessel clean and free from bacteria.

These tips will help in your fight against fall allergies and may reduce the need for medical or urgent care.
If you suspect you are experiencing some critical problems from allergens then, you may benefit from being evaluated by the doctors at AOK Emergency Room [(281) 542-3998] for proper diagnosis and treatment. Visit our 24 hour AOK emergency room at Houston, TX to get the better life, “You dreamed off”.


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