How to Treat a Head Injury


A Head Injury is any shock to the head or skull area of the body. A fall, car accident, attack and sports are all incidents or activities that can lead to a head injury.

Head injuries can also direct the individual to experience a concussion. It is important for the person to go to the board certified physician and can take the proper medical treatment, and follow the prescription as per the doctor’s suggestion. It is extremely important if they suffer symptoms that are severe. An untreated head injury can lead to medical complication and even death if, a proper treatment and care is not given to the person injured.

Symptoms of a Head Injury
With any head trauma, the person may experience symptoms that are mild, moderate or severe.

•    Tiredness
•    Sickness or Vomiting
•    Loss of awareness
•    Constant headache
•    Slurred speech
•    Seizures or Convulsions
•    Flow of blood
•    Anxiety or Confusion
•    Unconsciousness
•    Clear release from nose or ears
•    Hearing problems
•    Loss or Unclear vision
•    Unequal pupil size
•    Decrease in coordination

Treatment for a Head Injury
Treatment options for a head injury will vary depending on the degree of injury suffered. If the individual experience any neck pain along with the head pain, call 911 and try not to move them until the paramedics arrive.

The first thing that an injured person should do if the injury is faced is to stop the bleeding and go to the nearest emergency room or an urgent care center, for the initial diagnosis & treatment. It is important to take the injured person for medical diagnosis as any internal injury of head may also be there that is not seen or analyzed physically which can cause serious problems later.

For Mild Injuries
A clean dressing to the part, where the injury occurs, should be done to stop bleeding & cover the infected part from the antigens. Apply an ice pack or compress to the area on the injured part for about 20 minutes every 2 hours to reduce any swelling. Remember not to apply ice directly to the area as it may give a burning sensation at the particular area. If the sufferer is having a headache, give acetaminophen, as this may give certain relief from pains.

For Severe Injuries
For a severe head injury, seek medical attention as soon as possible as head is the most sensitive part of the body. In the meantime, apply direct pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding and try to prevent the injured part from dust and other such particles by cleaning the part with certain medical liquid cleaner or an antiseptic. Keep the person as still as possible with the head and spine aligned. Try to keep the person conscience by talking to them.
If you suspect you are experiencing some critical problems regarding your injuries then, you may benefit from being evaluated by the doctors at AOK Emergency Room [(281) 542-3998] for proper diagnosis, care and treatment.

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