Have a Wonderful Summer – And Drink Responsibly

ar133202477862374Drinking alcohol in moderation is always the best advice. However, now that the summer is upon us and barbeques and parties are in full swing, the urge and opportunity to binge drink is everywhere. Binge drinking is a main cause of alcohol poisoning. It occurs when a person has consumed a toxic amount of alcohol over a short period of time. It has been estimated that approximately 50,000 cases are reported annually. College students, chronic alcoholics, and young children are at a high risk. It can be life threatening and usually requires urgent medical attention.

Symptoms include:

– Confusion
– Vomiting
– Slow or Irregular Breathing
– Blue-tinged or Pale Skin
– Hypothermia
– Unconsciousness

Alcohol is absorbed quickly in the body unlike food which can take hours to digest. Most alcohol is processed by the liver. It takes approximately one hour for the liver to process the alcohol in one drink. The rate at which the liver can process alcohol varies greatly from person to person. A number of factors will increase the risk of poisoning such as age, gender, size, weight, overall health & tolerance level and food consumption.

If alcohol poisoning is suspected, even without exhibiting the classic signs and symptoms, seek urgent care immediately. An unconscious person is at risk of dying and should never be left alone; in this situation you can make a call (281)542-3998 for 24 Hour Emergency Care in Houston.

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