Knee Pains and Injuries

Knee pain is a common symptom in people of all ages. There are many reasons behind causes of knee pains. Management of knee pain can be done with the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for those diagnosed symptoms.

Causes of Knee Pains:
Generally, there are different causes for knee pains in the young and the older person. In older people, there is higher incidence of chronic knee pain, generally at the knee cap. Gout and arthritis are the most common diseases cause knee pain.
1.Sports and Injuries: The most common cause of knee pain is an injury to the knee. It can be causes by exercise, sports, falling and getting struck by something.
2.Arthritis and Gout: These are the inflammatory diseases of the body. They onset at mid age or old age and can happen to men and women both. Arthritis and gout both can cause knee joint pain. In fact, chronic pain and discomfort in doing daily activities like walking; sitting and cycling are the first signs of arthritis.
3.Pain in front of the knee: This type of pain is generally caused by excess pressure on the knee like extra body weight or due to pounding caused by running.
4.Pain at the sides of the knee: Pain aside the knee and up towards the thighs is a lateral pain caused by overuse of the Iliotibial band. This is a band of tissue running from the knee to the hip along the side. It is most often caused by endurance sports like running.
5.Tingling or Burning pain: This knee pain can also be caused by a pinched nerve. Even in injuries, compression forces can pinch blood vessels and cause distortions that could lead to nerves getting pinched. These nerves than radiate pain sensation all along the nerve fibers.

Treatment of Knee pain
Following are the treatment for the knee pain that one can follow to get relief from:
1.When your knee first get injured, the best treatment is to take rest, use ice therapy method because it help reducing pain, swelling, speeds up the healing and prevents further injury.
2.Try to follow the entire knee strengthening exercise such as wall squat, heel raises, lauge, and bridge.
3.Perform leg stretching after the exercise to get the muscles stretched to the maximum.
4.Use the muscle strengthening supplements and fruit extract to keep your muscles healthy.
5.Go for acupuncture or acupressure treatment as they give much relief in such pains.
6.If your injury is severe and the pain doesn’t subside, your doctor may suggest injecting medications directly into your knee joint. This will also give you relief from pain to much extent.
7.Knee braces serve to support and protect the knee which helps in reducing pain, inflammation and aid healing.
8.Include outdoor games & sports in your daily and weekly routine to make your muscles healthy.
9.Try to avoid the food that contains much amount of starch as this may be dangerous for your knees bones and muscles.
10.Go for the weekly checkup if you are following some medication for your knee pain.

As sometimes knee pains become unbearable it is better to seek the medical treatment by visiting the AOK Emergency Room Houston or can directly call at 281 542 3998 for proper suggestions.

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