Causes and Treatment of Insomnia

Insomnia is the situation where a person feels restless in sleep due to many problems. Due to insomnia the person lacks the ability to sleep. This problem may exists at any age, but it affects mostly the older age people.


Causes of Insomnia
Following are the major causes for Insomnia:

1. Stress: Stress is due to the tension exerted by particular condition in person’s life that make him feel depress. This stress may affect your body in many ways such as it may leads to improper sleep, high or low blood circulation and may also lead to head ache or other such conditions.

2. Certain Medicine: There is certain medicine or tablets that may directly affect your sleep by making you restless. These medicine or tablets do not only affect your sleep but your whole body in some or the other way which is harmful for your body.

3.    Late Night Sleep: Certain reasons like night shift at work place or late night studies which may leads to improper sleep, that results in the generation of insomnia.

4.    Improper Diet: Improper diet is another reason for this disorder. Taking dinner late at night and then going to bed is also responsible for this disorder.

5.    Drugs & Alcohol Usage: Usage of drugs and alcohol at nights, in access amount regularly can also generate the effects of insomnia. Alcohol is a sedative that may help you fall asleep, but it prevents deeper stages of sleep and often causes you to awaken in the middle of the night.

 Treatment for Insomnia

1. Meditation: Meditation is the best way to get relief from stress or depression. A person feels relaxed and stress free through meditation. Also try to keep your mind busy in some interesting tasks that may refresh your mind and body to get relief from stress.

2. Take Proper Diet: Take proper diet at proper time, in the evening, to avoid this disorder. Taking heavy dinner at night discomforts you so, avoid heavy diner at night to keep your body fit and healthy. Include fruit juice, cholesterol free food in your diet.

3. Avoid Alcohol & Drugs: Avoid over drinking of alcohol regularly as this not only ruining your sleep but also ruining your health in many ways. So it’s better to avoid it to keep yourself happy & healthy.

4. Visit Doctor: If you’re facing the problem of insomnia since a long time then it’s better to go for the medical treatment before the problem turns to much serious. Visiting Aok Emergency Room, an Urgent care clinic in Houston may help you to treat your problem or you can also contact directly at 281 542 3998.

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