Wound Care Treatment and Management

Minor or little scrapes and cuts are just a part of our day to day life. No matter if you are a child or an adult, a slip or spill can be happen anytime causes wounds. If you get a cut, either by a slip or with a knife or by some other means, no matter how small it is, inappropriate treatment can lead to a sore infection. Learning the proper way to treat an injury or a cut is very important to avoid any further serious problems like chronic wounds.

wound careFirst things first – If you have a deep serious wound then, look for the medical attention as soon as possible. If your cut is deep or superficial and looks contaminated, then rush to the doctor or a board certified surgeon at the emergency room immediately.
Minor injuries such as everyday paper cuts or scrapes from falling or being awkward, you can treat those at home easily on your own. You don’t want to see the doctor for such minor cuts. Some of the useful steps are listed below to treat such injuries on your own.

Cleaning the Cut

The first and the foremost things you want to do are to clean the cut. Use clean cool or gentle warm water and pour over the cut to wash away any debris and dirt. You can use a mild soap or an antiseptic liquid to thoroughly clean the wound once or twice with a piece of gauge or cotton.

Stop the Bleeding

Do not get anxious if a small cut or wound does not stop bleeding right away. There are certain parts of the body like the head that has more blood vessels, so bleeding will lasts for few minutes. So keep you cool and calm at the time of injuries.
Put a small clean washcloth or gauge on the cut with gentle pressure to stop bleeding. If the bleeding continues and the cloth is full of blood then change it and continue to press firmly until it stops.
If you have a cut on your hand then raise the arm over the head to stop bleeding. You can do the same with other body parts also, wherever applicable. It rises the affected part and thus lower or stops the bleeding. But, if the cut continues to bleed heavily for a long time, say for few minutes, then go for the emergency care immediately.

Dressing the Wound

Apply some antiseptic liquid solution or an antiseptic cream to the affected area and cover it with a sterile bandage or gauge. The dressing should cover the wound completely, so as to avoid any further infection problem. You will change the dressing if the blood seeps through the gauge and becomes wet.
Check your wound every time you have a new dressing. If it looks swollen, reddened and painful then visit your doctor or a board certified surgeon at the nearest Wound Care Clinic at first priority.

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