An Emergency Care Clinic Offers Convenient Care

AOK Emergency RoomThere is always the risk of becoming ill or getting injured in some way. If something happens to you or someone you love the most then, would you know where to go for proper medical treatment? Most people will try to reach their “Primary or Family Doctor”. But what would you do if your primary doctor is not available? AOK Emergency Room is your extreme need at this point of time.

logo - AOK Emergency RoomAOK Emergency Room is a free standing, full service emergency room open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is conveniently located in Houston, Texas at the AOK Medical Center. We are capable of handling all accidents and injuries which include urgent to emergency care. Common symptoms treated in our emergency room include stitching up a minor laceration to stabilizing an active heart attack. AOK Emergency Room is staffed 24 hours a day with board certified physicians, registered nurses, radiology technicians and allied professionals who are all committed to patient-centered care. Call 281 542 3998 to get our services at your door step NOW!!!

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3 Responses to An Emergency Care Clinic Offers Convenient Care

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  2. Good information shared and interesting blog to read.

  3. Luke Gray says:

    Emergency service is really important today, No doubt about that service austin emergency care clinic is also urgent service provider.

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