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Eating Disorders Are Not Only Teenage Problems

Eating disorder refers to the changes in eating routine. Some cases may have eating disorder due to over eating of food and some may be just eating very little amount of food. This disorder may occur at any age or … Continue reading

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The Significance of Blood Pressure Numbers

The pressure in arteries while the blood is being pumped through the system is called the “Blood Pressure”.  When a person’s pressure is measured, he/she will be given two numbers stated as one “over” another.  The top number (systolic) is … Continue reading

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Abdominal Pain – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Acute abdominal pain is the sudden onset of any pain and swelling in the abdomen. Acute abdomen as the name implies is the severe pain that occurs in abdomen. Pain caused by an infectious agent is typically the result of … Continue reading

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Why to Perform the Drug & Alcohol Screening of Employees?

Drug and alcohol screening is very important within the sensitive jobs. The main concern is the employees who are under the influence may imperil the safety of the public and fellow employees.Urgent care centers like AOK Emergency Room offer a … Continue reading

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An Emergency Care Clinic Offers Convenient Care

There is always the risk of becoming ill or getting injured in some way. If something happens to you or someone you love the most then, would you know where to go for proper medical treatment? Most people will try … Continue reading

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